Swarnim Gujarat Mission for Excellence coincides with Gujarat celebrating its 50th years since the establishment of the state. The Government plans to launch Swarnim Gujarat Mission for Excellence to celebrate this milestone. By 2010, the State proposes to induce renewed spirit and to introduce newer action plans encompassing all walks of life for the betterment of the society by. Under the auspices of Mission for Excellence, the colleges and universities across Gujarat will have to focus various areas of education, art and knowledge for the manifold progress of the youth. These areas of focus are known as Band/Cluster/Spectrum/Continuum/Symphony of Activities (Dharas):

  1. Knowledge Band (Gyan Dhara)

  2. Creative Expression Band (Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara)

  3. Fine Arts Band (Rang, Kala, Kaushalya Dhara)

  4. Theatre Band (Natya Dhara)

  5. Music and Dance Band (Geet, Sangeet, Nrutya Dhara)

  6. Yoga and Sports Band (Vyayam, Yog, Khel-kud Dhara)

  7. Community/Social Service Band (Samudaya Seva Dhara)




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